Gallery of Student Work

Selected Works from Peter Taussig’s 3-D Graphics & Animation II Course – Spring 2017

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Selected Works from Alison Johnson’s Photoshop I Course – Spring 2017

Selected Works from Alison Johnson’s Photoshop II Course – Spring 2017

Midterm Posters from Amiel Gerver’s Typography Course – Spring 2017

Selection of Final Projects from Robin Kunz’s Web Design II Course – Spring 2017

Final Projects from Anita Quintana’s Compositing with After Effects Course – Spring 2015

Janet Westrup

Donna Brownell

Ophelia Aenlle

Monsters from Nathalie Nunez’s Photoshop I Course – Fall 2014

Mandala Winners from Maggie MacNab’s Design by Nature Course – Fall 2014

Student Work from Jeff Jedlowski’s Game Design I Course – Fall 2013

A selection of Final Projects from Robin Kunz’s Web Design I Course – Spring 2014

Students create a 3-5 page website utilizing 20+ HTML elements, 10-15 custom CSS rules, relative & external links, custom fonts, optimized images.

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